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Intelligent blockchain powered ATMs
Vault Logic is leveraging a tokenized membership structure and blockchain technologies to build a worldwide network of cryptoasset-ready cash vaulting ATMs
A Self Balancing ATM
No bank, no problem! Through our network of ATM partners, users can get cash, pay bills, and more! Plus now they can buy & sell bitcoin and dozens of other cryptos too! Here's how it works.
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Vault is the membership token that powers the network
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Benefits to members may include cash discounts and rebates on transactions performed at Vault Logic ATMs
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We are deploying a blockchain and cash managment platform that allow MSBs to easily serve more customers - even the un-banked
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Autonomous cash management saves you time and money.
What Is VAULT?
VAULT are required for membership in the Vault Logic cash network.
VAULT are used as a lease deposit for new ATM operators.





Membership Tiers
Here are the three tiers of Vault Logic membership
Tier 1
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  • Lifetime membership
  • Access to all locations
  • Dynamic benefits
Tier 2
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  • Everything in Level 1, plus
  • Opportunities to balance
Tier 3
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  • Everything in Level 2, plus
  • Keep all crypto profits
  • Earn up to 50% from
    all MSB services
  • Provisioned kiosks
The Vault Logic App
The Vault Logic mobile app is a multi-crypto wallet powered by the Edge Platform.
  • fast & secure log in at the ATM
  • receive messages about opportunities for cash balancing (Buy cash, sell cash, earn cash!)
  • find the best prices on cash and crypto
Cash as a Service - CaaS
Vault Logic provides money service business with CaaS hardware ATMs that leverages our proprietary, on-demand cash management system.
What can users do through Vault Logic ATMs?

Exchange crypto assets

Buy Cell Phone Minutes
Mobile Top Up

Traditional ATM cash dispenser (depends on MSB providers)

Bill Pay and Check Cashing
(depends on MSB providers)

Services Powered by 3rd Party Providers
These money services and others can be provided by any licensed or otherwise legally authorized and compliant 3rd party MSBs. Do you want to integrate your services on our ATM network? Contact us and we will provide you with all the tools needed to deploy your service on VaultLogic ATMs. Click here to learn more!
Want to Operate a Vault Logic ATM?
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Location Requirements
  • Easily accesible business location
  • Well lit and secure during and after business hours
  • Must be able to be secured to the wall or floor
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Lease Agreement
  • Starting at $300 a month (paid in
  • Partial deposit as low as
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Deployer Benefits
  • Choose from these services to offer from the available apps
  • Earned fees from each transaction
  • MSBs keep up to 100% of profits
Hardware Specifications
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  • H x W x L 68" x 34" x 20"
  • Weight 400lb
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  • Bank-grade recycler recycler max 1900 notes
  • Bank-grade recycler dispensers max capacity 8000 notes
  • Additional sidebars increase capacity
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Power + data requirements
  • Built-in Wifi (Dual Channel MIMO), 1gbe LAN port
  • Option Verizon or Sprint cellular modem
  • Power usage: 100W sustained, 150W peak
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Lock Options
  • Kaba Mas Censon Lock
  • S&G Lock
  • eLock
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